2018 Year in Review


I made my way through 35 books in 2018, but it wasn’t until April (around the time of my car accident) that I started reading on a more regular basis. My accident marked the beginning of my personal goal to read one book a week (but to be honest, I do most of my binge reading one quiet Sunday of every month so it averages to that amount).


It would take me way too long to list out every single film I watched in 2018, so I’ll only mention the ones I saw in theater (that I remember off the top of my head or have on record from MoviePass). Sadly, I ended up canceling my MoviePass last month, but as you can see, I definitely had a good run:

Travel List

A short and sweet list because I only visited a handful of cities, all within the United States. My favorite new city was Austin. Definitely somewhere I’d go back because it’s got great food, music, culture, and nightlife. If you’re thinking about making a trip there, I’ve got a ton of recommendations here. Denver was somewhat disappointing, but that’s probably because I didn’t get to do as many nature-y things I had envisioned, and the city itself is honestly kind of bland compared to LA (sorry Colorado peeps). San Francisco — as always a pleasure, and New York — I’ve got mixed feelings. You can read more in depth on the last two since I visited them after starting my blog:

ClassPass List

Another short list because I pretty much stuck to ~5 studios once I figured out what I liked on ClassPass. Will write a longer post later on that goes into more detail about each of my favorite workouts, but the biggest winner was Body by Simone. By far the most fun AND challenging source of exercise, with the best instructors. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves dance + cardio.



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