I didn’t know what I was missing
Until I started breathing
Not air but gentle lightness
The kind that’s soft and freeing

Inhale, through the nose
Exhale, release
These cues that were once just words to me
Have become my body’s rules

Mind body connection
Means more when you breathe into it
I can’t explain this magic in words
The flow is my conduit

A channel that links my ego with my spirit
My pain next to my pride
Insecurities stretched so thin against my strengths
Where would I even hide?

In this practice I hold tension
But more than that, I confront truth
Forced to retreat within these boundaries
I learn my body’s cues

For there is as much stamina in stillness
As there is power in peace
In this vessel I call my body, I flow fearlessly
In Shavasana, I build my internal heat

Linger for a little while with me
In this space between
Sick and sentimental

Coughing up old habits
Like searching for daylight in darkness
And stars in a city night

Is it toxic tenderness
Or wistful nostalgia
That keeps these crossed out names
In the corners of an untold story

Last chapter’s pages
Crumpled in my hands

Alina Tang

Alina Tang

27. // Finding my voice through indie films, inspiring souls, and my innermost ramblings.