America: A Tale of Two Viruses



  • George Floyd was pinned to death by a police officer over a $20 bill.
  • Breyonna Taylor was shot eight times during a police raid of her home.
  • Ahmaud Arbery was fatally gunned down by an ex police officer for taking a neighborhood jog.
  1. I looked up some organizations doing important work surrounding racial equity and justice, including the Antiracist Research & Policy Center, Color of Change, and Families Belong Together.
  2. I love film, so I found some movies that touch on black history and creatively dive into subjects like racism. Among the ones I’ve earmarked are “13th,” “Selma,” and “Fruitvale Nation.”
  3. I started following three social media accounts that carve out clear, actionable steps for fighting interpersonal and internalized oppression:
  • teachandtransform is run by Liz Kleinrock, a Teaching Tolerance award winner. She has an Instagram Highlight on her profile called “New folx” which is dedicated to educating people about inclusion and equality.
  • theconsciouskid provides tools and advice for approaching racism in the everyday world. It also offers great book recommendations for all ages and guides parents on how to educate their kids through a critical race lens.
  • ohhappydani is a young artist and activist who encourages people to take action through her illustrations. She has some amazing infographics which outline steps for doing research and amplifying people’s voices of color.
Art by Danielle Coke

27. // Finding my voice through indie films, inspiring souls, and my innermost ramblings.

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Alina Tang

Alina Tang

27. // Finding my voice through indie films, inspiring souls, and my innermost ramblings.

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