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How do I embrace every version of myself, even the worst ones? And how do I show more grace for not only my mistakes, but also other people’s?

  • “Regret” is the second most mentioned emotion after love.
  • The more choices we have, the more regret we have about what we chose.
  • We feel the most regret about missed chances, and in the long run, we’re more likely to regret things we didn’t do than things we did.
2018: A poem I wrote about identity that still feels relevant four years later.
  • She is capable of loving and being loved.
  • As much as she resists, she can overcome life’s challenges with more kindness.
  • Her connections to the people she loves (and her unwillingness to let them go) outweigh any fantasy of her ‘best’ self.
  1. Say No. Create healthy boundaries for yourself — don’t do things just to please other people or fulfill their expectations.
  2. Authenticity > Assimilation. Pursue things that bring YOU joy and live a life that feels meaningful to YOU. When you’re true to your values and priorities, you can always unlock new passions, interests, and experiences.
  3. Have the courage to express your feelings. People aren’t mind-readers, and it’s not their job to guess how you feel. Being honest and forthcoming can prevent miscommunication, and worse, resentment.
  4. Find beauty in the little things. Even when things are going wrong and the world is going to shit, there’s always something to celebrate and appreciate.
  5. Everything you need is within you. You are the best version of yourself — no one else is as good at being you as you are, so you might as well embrace it.



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Alina Tang

Alina Tang


28. // Finding my voice through indie films, inspiring souls, and my innermost ramblings.