How ClassPass Made Me Like Working Out

Alina Tang
4 min readJan 15, 2019


There used to be a time when I absolutely hated working out. Detested it. I would drag my feet to the gym and think about all the other things I’d rather be doing with my free time (like eat In N Out and ice cream). Unfortunately, my metabolism in college was nowhere near as fast as it used to be in high school, so I had no choice but to make exercising a part of my regular routine.

It wasn’t until I started using ClassPass that I discovered the joy of exercise. Not simply for results, but for pure pleasure. I have been a loyal ClassPass subscriber for almost two years now, and the best thing about it is the variety of classes it offers. Up to this point, I’ve tried more than 30 different studios: yoga, spin, boxing, pilates, Zumba, crazy cardio bootcamps. It’s addicting to sample all these different types of workout classes and see how far I can push my body. The 45 min/hour-long classes always fly by and most times, it never actually feels like a “workout” because I’m a) too busy having fun, b) trying furiously to follow along the instructor, or c) all of the above.

Below are my Top 5 favorite ClassPass studios, in no particular order:

Body By Simone

I’ve never had more fun in a workout class than at a Body By Simone (BBS) cardio session. It might be because I love Dance/Zumba and there’s plenty of dancing mixed between lifting, sculpting, and weights, but even non-dancers will enjoy this studio. Body By Simone offers a variety of classes, from dance cardio and trampoline, to full body and focused muscle groups (Abs, Back, Core/Hips, Thigh, Butt), and no class is ever exactly the same. I’m always dripping in sweat by the time I leave, but with a big smile on my face! :)

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga is one of the more intense yoga studios I’ve been to because its hot yoga classes (especially the Sculpt class) are fast paced and challenging but also calm and relaxing. There are times you do cardio and weights on top of doing regular yoga poses, but you also get to stretch a good amount and practice your breathing/meditating. I’ve never been more drenched in my life than in a CorePower Yoga class, but I always feel amazing once I walk out of the room and take a cold shower. It’s the second best feeling, the first being when you lie down on your mat in Vinyasa after a long, intense flow.

Bespoke Cycling Studio

In general, I harbor a love/hate relationship with spin classes, but Bespoke is different. Normally, I’ll get extremely bored 30 minutes into spin because you’re basically just doing the same cycling sequences over and over again to different songs… but somehow, Bespoke never bores me. The music is always picked perfectly to match the movements, so when you’re climbing up a hill you start pedaling faster immediately as the beat drops. I’m a bit biased because I love Jackson, one of the instructors at Bespoke. He’s an absolute diva who isn’t afraid to call people out (sometimes he even splashes water across the room!), but he always incorporates a message during your ride. Whether it’s telling you to take charge of your life or celebrate yourself, you can count on feeling more inspired after a class with Jackson.

Barry’s Bootcamp

For a more challenging class, try Barry’s. It will KICK. YOUR. BUTT. The first time I attempted Barry’s, I thought I was going to pass out multiple times. But it’s perfect because every time you feel like you’re about to die, you get a break or a little breath of fresh air that makes you feel alive, like you can do anything. Barry’s is modeled after military bootcamp exercises where you alternate between cardio and lifting. Each class uses a mix of running and weights to tone muscle, maximize fat loss, and increase your metabolism. It’s highly popular in all the major cities in America, and there’s a reason why. It’s effective and it’s ADDICTING. The treadmills are top notch quality and make even people who hate running (like myself) start to enjoy it so much, they decide to do a half marathon

Bar Method

I’ve always been curious about the hype surrounding Bar Method, and I finally got a chance to try it out enough to understand its popularity. It’s not exactly like ballet, but it incorporates aspects like strength, flexibility, and balance. The instructors always pay close attention to body mechanics and help you adjust your form to achieve maximum effectiveness. Some people don’t like being called out this way, but I prefer this kind of interaction and connection because it makes me more aware and mindful of what I’m doing. Although I’d like the classes to include more cardio so I can sweat more, I have to admit the toning and stretching are no joke. After just a few classes, I can already feel my core getting tighter and my limbs becoming more flexible.

Overall, ClassPass has changed the way I view and approach working out. It sounds cliche, but I no longer see it as a chore or task on my daily checklist. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s part of who I am. These days I work out not just to look good, but to feel good. ClassPass has expanded the definition of “exercise” for me by proving that working out is more than just running on a treadmill or lifting weights up and down. It can be fun, it can be challenging, and it can even be a community. I’ve connected with so many people through workout classes and exercises. People who share the same kind of passion for pushing their limits and shaping themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In 2019, I hope to be considered advanced level at one of my favorite studios and perhaps one step closer to turning into a fitness instructor down the line. One of my life goals is working part-time as a yoga/Zumba instructor or maybe retiring early to receive my certification. A girl can only dream :)



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